POLC IN ACTION! – Management Leadership development based on the internationally recognised Allen Management System™


The POLC in Action! workshop is based on Louis Allen’s Effective Management Leadership in Practice programme and focuses specifically on how to apply key management concepts, principles and techniques in practice. The workshop is designed to focus on the key knowledge, skills, and abilities that are necessary for managers to be effective at performing the management work of Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling in order to achieve improved bottom-line results.


 The POLC in Action! workshop is a two-day interactive, instructor-led, learning experience.


This workshop is intended for all front-line to middle managers with minimal to some experience in management. The workshop is not SETA accredited.


  • Understand and will be able to apply a system’s approach to management work.
  • Know how to apply the basic concepts, principles and techniques of PLANNING, ORGANISING, LEADING and CONTROLLING.
  • Understand the key management work activities as part of your management leadership role.
  • How to apply effective problem-solving and develop action plans to implement solutions that have a direct bottom-line impact.
  • Know how to increase your management effectiveness and be able to achieve better results.

Fullray is an accredited provider of all Louis Allen™ management leadership development programs within Sub-Saharan Africa.