Fullray is an international, privately owned, specialist Human Resources and Management Consulting firm  that aims to release the performance potential of people and organizations. We do this by delivering world-class assessment, training, facilitation, coaching and consulting solutions, as well as by providing reports, products and methodologies in support of these activities. Fullray employs a broad range of highly skilled Facilitators, Trainers, Psychologists and Consultants. 

Fullray is committed to making a value-adding difference and we advocate partnerships for life which are built on mutual understanding, trust and communication. We are results oriented and therefore motivated by achievement. We measure achievement in terms of exceeding our clients’ requirements within agreed upon time frames. As a consulting firm we are quality conscious and do not compromise service standards. In South Africa all our assessment tools/methodologies adhere to the requirements as prescribed by the Health Professions Council of South Africa and the Assessment Centre Study Group of South Africa. Our methodologies, programmes and interventions are cost-effective and where relevant, aligned to achieve the standards and qualifications registered on the National Qualifications Framework. Our approach is practical and flexible and our methodologies and interventions are of the highest quality, creativity and integrity. We are focussed on providing meaningful solutions that are strategically aligned to the organisation’s goals.

A driving force for Fullray is continual research and development and our methodologies and programmes use the latest technology. Through our associations with professionals and academics around the world, we seek to assemble best practices and make these available to all our clients.