The Effective Management Leadership in Practice™ workshop provides an in-depth understanding of the role of the management leader including his/her accountability for planning, organising, leading, and controlling the work in his/her area of responsibility. It is delivered utilising instructor-led presentations, group discussion, individual and group exercises, case studies, and reading. An emphasis is placed on post workshop application and skill transference.


The Effective Management Leadership in Practice™ workshop is a four-day interactive, instructor-led, learning experience, followed by an optional 12-week on-the-job business improvement project and assessment.


This workshop is intended for supervisors, team leaders, front-line management, as well as candidates earmarked for supervisory positions. It is ideal for participants with no or minimal previous management experience and understanding of management concepts.


  • Understanding a logical, interactive management system for optimal results.
  • Know and understand the role and key activities of an effective Management Leader in a supervisory position.
  • Learn how to LEAD through and with others towards common goals
  • Learn how to apply the basic concepts, and principles of PLANNING, ORGANISING and CONTROLLING
  • Apply effective problem-solving and develop action plans to implement solutions that have a direct bottom-line impact.
  • Implement an on-the-job business improvement project applying the principles and techniques learned. (Optional)


  • Section 1: Management Leadership
  • Section 2: Management as a System
  • Section 3: Leading
  • Section 4: Planning
  • Section 5: Organising
  • Section 6: Controlling
  • Section7: Management Toolbox
  • Section 8: Applying the Management System


Increased management leadership effectiveness

Participants in supervisory positions’ effectiveness are increased through clarifying their role and responsibility within the organisation. In addition to this, participants know ‘what’ and ‘how’ to perform Management Work for optimal results by understanding the logical and interactive Allen Management System™.

Speaking a common management language

Using a common Management System ensures that managers talk the same management language and therefore are more effective as a management team.

Increased awareness on effective management leadership behaviours

Understanding the difference between unconscious and conscious behaviours, and the impact of these behaviours on team members and bottom-line results, increases participants’ self-awareness that could potentially drive changes in their management leadership style.

Sharpen planning, organising, leading and controlling skills

This workshop helps participants to plan, organise, lead and control resources through core processes towards the achievement of specific measurable results.

Improved management skills

The Effective Management Leadership in Practice™ workshop provides participants with basic principles for managing others more effectively. It also provides a framework and various tools and techniques for dealing with people related issues.

Increased problem-solving skills

A key focus of this workshop is on the ability to analyse issues effectively in order to identify the underlying root cause before action plans are developed. Ensuring that real problems rather than symptoms are solved saves money and increases the impact on business operations.

Practical Application

Our approach ensures concepts; principles and techniques are applied through the use of practical exercises, tools, templates and an optional on-the-job business improvement project. The before- and after-picture results of the optional project are also measured in order to high-light the impact the participant had on bottom-line business results through this development process.


Each participant will receive:

The Effective Management Leadership in Practice™ manual, workbook, hand-outs as well as a flash-drive with all essential documents and summaries.

Effective Management Leadership in Practice™ is accredited through the Services SETA on a NQF Level 4 with 30 credits.

Fullray is an accredited provider of all Louis Allen™ management leadership development programs within Sub-Saharan Africa.