Lumina Spark

Lumina Spark is the next generation of professional development tools supporting individuals, teams and organisations to work more effectively and improve the bottom line.  It is unique amongst psychometric tools because it avoids any stereotyping.  It provides a highly interactive colourful framework for better self-understanding and helps people identifying how to improve their working relationships with others.  By applying the Lumina Spark model, learners unlock multiple business benefits.

The foundational Spark resources can be designed into different types of learner experiences such as short presentations, a broad range of training courses, inspirational coaching sessions or an in-depth group facilitation process.

Lumina Spark’s insight helps people become more influential with internal and external clients, colleagues and stakeholders.


Big 5 and ‘Best of Jung’

The model is based on the latest Big Five research paradigm and can also be viewed through the popular Jungian lens.

Trait not Type

Lumina doesn’t label people or put them in a box, we call this trait, not type.

Embraces Paradox

Lumina doesn’t force choice of preferences, we call this ‘embracing paradox.  We independently measure the level to which each individual has apposite, competing and contradictory aspects of their personality e.g. their level of introversion and extraversion.

Measures 3 Personas

We measure three unique yet integrated views of you – the Underlying you, the Everyday you and the Overextended you.

Simplicity and Depth

We use colourful and practical language to create a set of ideas that people remember and can apply for years to come.  The model can be used at a big picture 4 colour level, an 8-aspect level or a detailed full 24 quality level – dependent on your application.

Questions Lumina Spark Addresses

  • How can I raise everyone’s self-awareness and improve the quality of working relationships? What can I do to maximise the engagement of our people?
  • How can I fire people up to embrace their personal and professional development? How can I ensure everyone is skilled at speed reading others so they can better meet their communication needs?
  • How can I develop effective leaders and managers? How do I sell powerfully and account manage effective?
  • How can my people work better in their teams, and my teams interact to create better results?


Your Lumina Mandala

The starting point of the Lumina Spark professional development experience is a simple online questionnaire which enables participants to receive highly personalised 38-page Lumina Portrait.  This accurately describes persona and provides a practical method for reading and adapting to others.  The Portrait is used as the basis for on-going development programmes.

Clients enjoy using Lumina Spark because it produces clear insight into how individuals can work more effectively with others.  Individuals love it because it gives a clear, jargon free insight into their personality.

Distinct differences between Lumina Spark and other Psychometrics

  • IT’S PERSONALISED. No Stereotyping; No labelling; No boxing; No grids; No cells. We measure 24 qualities on a continuum – we call this ‘trait not type’. The highly individualised portrait ensures everybody touched by our programmes receives a meaningful, personal experience.
  • IT’S CUSTOMISED. All our validated psychometrics, systems and resources are completely customisable. On every project, a brand or multiple brands can be prioritised that are displayed depending on requirements. The content for each portrait can be selected depending on the focus of the project. Content can also be selected from the Lumina Spark portrait, the 40-page workbook, or by uploading other content.
  • IT STICKS. We use memorable, colourful and practical language to create a set of ideas that people remember and can apply for years to come. The model has ‘simplicity and depth’ and can be used at a big picture 4 colour level, an 8-aspect level or a detailed full 24 quality level – depending on your application.
  • IT WORKS. Lumina Spark is flexible and measurable; it creates results orientated interventions. Using the GROWS model, we ensure that everybody is held accountable to follow through on their commitments, making sure that everyone enjoys the best possible benefits.

Customising Lumina Spark

  • How can I ensure all training resources and psychometrics use our organisation’s language?
  • We have already invested heavily in key learning models – how can Lumina Spark weave these concepts into the fabric of the learning?
  • I would like to be able to apply our own branding and imagery to the Lumina Spark resources – is this possible?

Lumina Spark provides a better understanding of the uniqueness of people and honours your organisation’s identity.  Images can be uploaded to the Lumina Spark portrait including the company logo as well as specific messages to the Lumina Portrait and the workbook.  These are just a few of the ways you can structure the Lumina Spark resources to meet your specific requirements.  With Lumina Spark you can build on previous learning experiences and take the development of your people and your organisation to the next level.

Typical Lumina Spark Agenda

  • Understanding your own persona at work
  • Building awareness of other’s qualities
  • Overcoming differences with others
  • How to ‘speed read’ others and refine how you communicate with them
  • Overcoming differences with others
  • Transform relationships

Fullray is an accredited provider of Lumina Learning products and services within Sub-Saharan Africa.